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Game Thread for March 11, Pirates and Jays

Since I'm staying away from such controversial statements as 'spitting at people is wrong' (who'd have thought spitters had such a vocal advocacy group), let's put up a game thread with very little chatter. 

Jays play Pirates and the game is on MLB gameday audio. 

Jays lineup:

McDonald SS

Hill 2B

Lind LF

Millar DH

Overbay 1B

Lane (Yay) CF

Snider RF

Barrett C

Campbell 3B

Doc Pitching

I hope Cito gets this McDonald in the leadoff spot thing out of his system in spring. Congratulations to the Netherlands for beating out the Dominican Republic for the second time in the WBC and moving on to the next round and congratulations to the Australian team for playing such a great game against Cuba last night. I watched the last few innings. That was great baseball. 

Join me in the thread, I likely will only be around for the first few innings, gotta hear how Doc does.