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Game Recap: Jay and Pirates Tie

Jays 2 Pirates 2

They say a tie is like kissing your sister, but then that worked for Luke Skywalker. Occasionally in Spring Training teams run out of pitchers they want to use that day so they decide just to stop. I kind of like the story of a veteran pitcher years ago in spring training, game was tied in extras and he told the batter there was a batting practice fastball right down the middle coming, hit it hard. Batter got a home run. They asked the pitcher why he did that and he said 'I had gotten my work in and it was time to go home'.

Anyway today the teams decided after 11 innings that that was enough and it was time to go home. Pitching was great today, notably Doc was Doc for 4 innings, 1 hit, 1 walk and 4 strikeouts. BJ Ryan was....well he was the good BJ Ryan, 1 shutout inning, a walk and a strikeout. Dirk Hayhurst pitched another scoreless inning though he gave up a hit this time. TJ Beam and Adrian Martin each pitched a scoreless inning. Luis Perez and Robert Ray gave up a run each.

Offensively Moonraker was 2 for 3, while Johnny Mac, Aaron Hill, Adam Lind, Lyle Overbay, Buck Coats and one of our favorites Scott Campbell each had a hit. Guys of note not to get a hit Kevin Millar (tho he had a sac fly), Jason Lane (I wish we could make the type smaller on this site, I'd have done that it little tiny letters) (he is still hitting .400<----those would have been big letters) and Michael Barrett (batting a big .000). Shortstop prospect Justin Jackson got into the game too, going 0 for 2 but nice to see him get to play.

We are now 7-5-1 on the spring. Tomorrow the Jays have an off day, but Friday Brett Cecil, David Purcey and Jeremy Accardo are to pitch. That game doesn't appear on Gameday Audio's schedule so I guess we won't be able to listen in.