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Experts Vs. Fans

After watching Jon Stewart figuratively eviscerating Jim Cramer (wouldn't you rather watch him literally eviscerate Jim Cramer), and it got me thinking about the term 'expert'. Actually my first thought is if you are going to debate someone, don't debate them on their show. They have too much of a 'home court advantage', they are used the surroundings and they have the audience on their side, you are going to look bad. Jim Cramer looked awful and I can't understand how Jim Cramer can continue to do his show after being exposed as an idiot on this. But I digress.....

Anyway it got me thinking about what makes a person an expert? Let's take Cramer, this is a man who had a show called 'Fast Money' and tried the sell the idea you could get rich quick. He's an expert that hid the facts that a lot of big companies CEO's were lying. If you listened to this man you lost a lot of money over the last little while. But he is an expert.

Which makes me think about baseball experts, how often are they right? Who picked the Rays to win the AL East last year? Wouldn't that be the guy you think is an expert? Generally, experts seem to think what happened next year will happen this year.

That's the nice part about being here, we are all fans, we don't claim to know it all. Yeah we have opinions, opinions informed by years of following baseball. But in all this, are expert's opinions worth any more than a fan's opinions? Sometimes, not always. They don't know the future anymore than we do. And I don't know the future any better than you. So let's all share opinions, and see if we do better than the experts.

Anyway, today's game isn't on Gameday audio or on anything else so we are going to skip the Game Thread today, though if you want to talk about the game today you can use the comments area on this post. Tomorrow's game is on the audio so we'll do that one.