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Spring Training Game Recap: Jays Beat Rays

Rays 1 Jays 3

That makes us 7 and 5 this spring. I know spring games mean nothing but for this team that keeps hearing how there weren't going to be good this year, a little confidence isn't a bad thing.

Anyway today Brett Cecil went 3.2 giving up just 1 hit, 4 walks, striking out 2 without giving up a run. The 4 walks is a worry but I am impressed. I really didn't see him making the team out of spring but now I almost think he has to. Jeremy Accardo wasn't as good in his 1.1 innings; 3 hits, a run and a strikeout. His ERA this spring is 11.37. I'm not too worried about him, he is coming back from a season long injury, might take him a little while longer. David Purcey pitched the last 4 scoreless innings with 4 hits and 2 k's. He hasn't given up a run yet this spring. I'm trying not to get ahead of things, but the pitching does look good.

Offensively Brad Emaus was 2 for 3 with a double, a triple, a run and 2 RBI. He has been impressive this spring. He won't make the club but is looking like someone that could come up if we run into injury troubles. Adam Lind was also 2 for 3. Kevin Millar was 1 for 3 with a RBI. Michael Barrett got his first hit of the spring, a walk and a run. And everyone's favorite, Howie Clark got into the game and was 1 for 1. Scoot Rolen was 0 for 1 with 2 walks.

Notable 0fers? Jason Lane, Travis Snider and Johnny Mac were 0 for 3. Some of the bloom seems to be coming off the rose for Lane though he is still hitting .357, Snider's at .379 and none of his outs were strikeouts. On the other hand McDonald is batting just .100. I guess this isn't going to be the year he learns to hit. He has gotta be running out of years to do that.

Tomorrow Jays play Tigers, Casey Janssen is to start and Mike Maroth is to pitch and the game will be on MLB Gameday Audio if you care to listen.