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Game Thread for Spring Game Jays and Tigers

Jays are a little closer to the 25 man roster, sending Buck Coats and TJ Beam to the minors. I am taking it as a positive over last season that Coats isn't even in the running to make the team. Other than that I don't think there is much for news this morning. As Hugo's post notes, we still aren't much closer to knowing who is going to round out the rotation. Well, I guess we can totally cross Mike Maroth off the list, not that we thought he really had a chance. Other than that, everyone has looked good in the battle for the 4 and 5 spot in the rotation.

Today Casey Janssen gets to make his case and Maroth is to pitch as well. Dontrelle Willis starts for the Tigers, so we should see if last season's inability to hit poor left-handers carries over. The game is on MLB Gameday audio, I'll be around for some of it but my boy has hockey playoffs this afternoon, so won't be here for the end. There is also a couple of WBC games today.  Netherlands and Veneuzula is the early game, the Netherlands have been a fun team to watch but I can't imagine they will win today. And the USA plays Puerto Rico tonight in what should be a great game. Javier Vazquez starts PR with Jake Peavey for the US. And, of course I won't get to watch.....

Jays line up:

Russ Adams DH

Aaron Hill 2B

Adam Lind LF

Lyle Overbay 1B

Jason Lane (Yay) RF

Jose Bautista CF

Brad Emaus 3B

Raul Chavez C

John McDonald SS

Johnny Mac is getting a lot of spring playing time with Scutaro off at the WBC, I am not sure that's helping him. Join us in the Thread.