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A Few Sent Down

The Jays pared things down a bit today, sending Brett Cecil, Ken Takahashi, Adam Loewen, Brian Dopirak and Mike Maroth to their Minor League camp. Maroth has to decide if he wants to go down or if he wants his release. If I'm him I go down because no one is going to offer him a role off of what he has done this spring. Maybe he'll do well in Triple A and impress enough to get a job somewhere.

I'm a bit surprised by Cecil going down already, I thought he would get a couple more chances before being sent down. He's has looked really good this spring. I think we've got something in the future. Right now it looks like Doc, Litsch, David Purcey, Casey Janssen and Scott Richmond will be the rotation, though Matt Clement and Brad Mills are still in camp. Clements apparently can 'opt out' of his contract June 1 if he isn't with the Jays.

Doc starts for us tomorrow and is to pitch 5 innings. 21 days till the season starts.