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Game Thread Yankees and Jays

Jays play the Yankees tonight and the game is on MLB.TV at 7:15 Eastern. Casey Janssen is to start for the Jays while A.J. Burnett goes out there for the Yankees. I'm in and out all night tonight, so first chance to actually see the Jays play and I'll miss most of it. If you are around drop into the game thread. We've had fun in the pre-season threads so far, even though we've just been listening to the games.

Baseball Prospectus has their list of 'Organizational Ranking' out and our Jays are 10th on their list. The 10th ranking is mostly on the strength of Moonraker (Travis Snider) and JP Arencibia and our pitching prospects. One line I liked:

Arencibia might not be aware of the rule that allows one to take a base if four balls are thrown to him outside the strike zone

Hopefully he will learn soon.

I wanted to put up the line ups for tonight's game but they haven't appeared yet. If they do before I have to run out of here, I'll add them in.

Inglett RF

Hill 2B

Lind DH

Overbay 1B

Lane CF

Bautista LF

Campbell 3B

Chavez C

McDonald SS