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Spring Game Recap, Jays Lose To Astros

Astros 9 Jays 7

We've been giving up a few runs lately as the Jays try to stretch out their starters. Halladay pitched 5 good innings and then gave up 5 run in his 6th inning of work. So I wouldn't worry much about him. He does have to get to the point where he can pitch late into the game by the start of the season. BJ Ryan and Brian Tallet each pitched a good inning. Scott Downs gave up 3 runs in his inning of work on two hits, one a homer and a walk. But he did settle down after the 3 runs. Again I wouldn't be too worried.

Some of our regulars had a good day at the plate. Overbay homered. Rios went 2 for 3 with a double. Scott Rolen was 1 for 3 with a triple. Vernon Wells was 1 for 3. Lind went 1 for 2. Jose Bautista was 1 for 1 playing against a team that might be looking to pick him up in a trade. And even Johnny Mac went 1 for 3 with a double.

Notable ofers: Joe Inglett, Aaron Hill and Curtis Thigpen all went 0 for 3. Tomorrow the Jays play the Twins, Matt Clement and Scott Richmond are both to pitch. Both pitchers have a shot at the starting rotation so they will want to show well. has a story about the Jays options for backup catcher, listing Raul Chavez, Micheal Barrett and Curtis Thigpen as the three possibilities. I'm surprised that Thigpen is still listed as having a shot, he hasn't impressed over the last couple of years. I'm really hoping it isn't Chavez because with our offense we really can't afford to have a guy that can't hit his weight playing 50 games. Barrett would be my choice, his bat seems to be coming around and he really isn't all that bad behind the plate.

Something I thought was interesting:

Ricciardi mentioned that the Jays talked to veteran catcher Ivan Rodriguez before he signed a one-year pact worth $1.5 million with the Astros that included $1.5 million in performance bonuses. Ricciardi said the Jays simply couldn't match that offer in their current financial state, but they at least attempted to add him to the mix.

"Yeah, we inquired about him," Ricciardi said. "But, I think with the package he got, we had financial limitations. I think we could've maybe matched or bid a little lower on what he was going to get from a base, but I don't think we could've touched the incentives."

It is good to see that they considered the idea of signed Rodriguez. He isn't what he used to be but he would be a step up from what we have. JP also mentioned that that JP Arencibia would catch in Triple-A Las Vegas and Brian Jeroloman would be at Double-A New Hampshire.