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Game Thread Phillies Vs. Jays

After watching the last few innings of the WBC last night I'm ready for baseball that means something but we still have 12 days to go before the start of the 2009 and the Jays still have some decisions to make. We aren't much closer to knowing who the 4th and 5th starters are, though I'm happy knowing Matt Clement isn't going to be one. Ricky Romero didn't hurt his chances yesterday. I wouldn't be upset if he made the team.

Back up catcher still seems up in the air, but I think it has to be Michael Barrett now that he's shown he can hit and he has thrown out a couple of base runners. And the final spot or two in the bullpen haven't been chosen. Accardo hasn't looked great, Wolfe has a sore arm and is pushed back a bit. Pretty soon we'll find out who is in and who is out.

Today David Purcey starts for the Jays. He's looked great this spring with a 1.59 ERA. I think he'll give us a good season. We have mostly regulars in the lineup today. It does disappointment that Moonraker (Travis Snider) is batting 9th. I hope this isn't Cito's plan for the season. 

Scutaro SS                                                                                                                                   

Hill 2B

Rios CF

Wells DH

Rolen 3B

Millar 1B

Lind LF

Barajas C

Snider RF

I'll be around for most of the game so join me in the thread.