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Weekly Poll

I was hoping to find some news worth talking about this morning but there really isn't anything today. I did have hopes for a moment when I saw that Richard Griffin had put up new questions and answers. A lot of fun can be had with those, most of the time. But this time? Boring simple questions with boring simple answers.

So let's put up a poll. It is a bit early but I'm curious to see who you all think will win the AL East this year. It should be an interesting season, I don't think there is a concensious choice for who will take the division. We've profiled 3 of the 4 other teams, with the Red Sox preview coming next week.

Last week most of us picked Michael Barrett as the best choice for backup catcher. I'll admit I was surprised at the support for Curtis Thigpen. I guess we'll find out soon if JP and Cito agree with us.