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My Office Glows All Night Long; It's a Nuclear Show and the Stars are Gone: Game Thread, Jays at Disneyland

Today's thread is brought to you by one of my favourite songs (my wedding song, actually) by the great Canadian band Stars.  Well, that and the fact that in preparation for this trial, my office has been glowing all night long, and it certainly has been a nuclear show and there are few stars to be found here in the big city.  However, unlike last summer, I'm determined this time not to let the site get away from me. 

The Jays take on the Atlanta Braves today in Disneyland because why not?  Brad Mills makes the start and with each start, it is looking more and more likely that he's going to break camp as a member of the starting rotation.  That's more evident from the way Cito and J.P. talk about him than his actual performance, which has been just so-so ever since his first few appearances.  Here's the Jays' lineup:

Joe Inglett, rf
Aaron Hill, 2b
Adam Lind, lf
Kevin Millar, 1b
Jason Lane, cf
Jose Bautista, 3b
Raul Chavez, c
John MacDonald, ss
Brad Mills, p

By the way, the band had a gig last night and of course played B^3's theme song "Skydome," and dedicated it to John Brattain.  Best regards indeed.