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Game Thread for Jays and Pirates

A bit slow getting this up. Jays made a couple of moves today, trading Curtis Thigpen to Oakland and releasing Mike Maroth and Rick Bauer (not Brian Burres as I said earlier). Maroth is no surprise, with a knee that needs surgery, he really wasn't going to make it back to the majors.

Doc is pitching for us tonight, he's had a couple of less than great starts his last two times out but apparently is working on a pitch.

Jays Lineup:

Marco Scutaro SS

Brad Emaus 2B

Alex Rios RF

Vernon Wells CF

Lyle Overbay 1B

Scott Rolen 3B

Rod Barajas C

Travis Snider LF

Howie Clark DH

I'll be here for the start of the game but have to leave before it is over.Join me if you are can.