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Spring Game Recap Jays Beat Pirates

Jay 4 Pirates 1

It is great to see Halladay having a good start after a couple of rough outings, not that we were worried about him, he's using spring to work on pitches. And that's what spring is for. So today he goes 7 innings, with just 4 hits, 1 run, 4 strikeouts and no walks. BJ Ryan pitched an inning and I guess his velocity was still down he only gave up one walk and no hits, but there was a hard out in there and he didn't miss many bats. I'd really like to get to see him pitch with my own eyes instead of taking the word of radio commentators. Brian Wolfe pitched the 9th and gave up a hit and a got a strikeout. Nice to see Wolfe have a good inning too.

Offensively, you have to love how Brad Emaus is doing this spring, today he had a homer (his 4th of the spring), a double, and 2 RBI to make his total 13 this spring. If he keeps hitting like this I'm not going to worry about Rolen's trips to the DL this year. Moonraker (Travis Snider) was 2 for 3, with a double. Rios and Rolen each went 1 for 2. And Sean Shoffit hit a home run in his at bat. Shoffit really (at least for me) has come out of no where, he's going to need a spot on our top 30 prospects list soon.

Notable ofers: Vernon Wells 0 for 3, Overbay 0 for 3, Barajas 0 for 2 (hitting a big .143 at the moment) and Howie Clark, DHing for some reason, was 0 for 4.

Tomorrow the Jays play the Tigers at 1:00 Eastern, Scott Richmond starts for the Jays, trying to make his case for a starter job. We had great fun in the game thread today talking about why guys play guitar, Bond movies and occasionally baseball, so if you aren't doing anything else tomorrow join us in the thread.