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Spring Game Recap Jays Lose to Tigers

Tigers 5 Jays 1

I have no idea what we take away from that one. The wind was blowing hard and the fielders were having troubles making plays. Richmond only went 4 innings and 80 pitches, gave up 5 hits, 5 runs, 3 earned, 1 walk, 1 homer and 3 strikeouts.  But he wasn't helped by 3 errors. I'm not sure where that leaves him in the battle for the rotation. Our bullpen on the other hand pitched 5 perfect innings. Tallet pitched 2 and Downs, Frasor and Camp pitched one each. It is nice to see our relievers, at least seemingly, round into shape. Tough to tell for sure with such small sample size.

Offensively, Edwin Jackson either made the Jays look bad or the Jays made him look good. Scutaro, Howie Clark, Rios, Wells, Overbay, Rolen, Brian Dopirak, Snider and Aaron Mathews each had one hit. Notable ofers include John MacDonald 0 for 2 (hitting a big .154), Aaron Hill 0 for 2 and Michael Barrett 0 for 4.

Tomorrow the Jays play the Astros, Ricky Romero pitches for us. I am not sure how to handicape the race for the last couple of starter spots, but I'd think if Romero does tomorrow he'd have a good chance at one of them.

I'm sad about Jason Lane getting sent down, I can't help thinking that Kevin Millar is this year's Brad Wilkerson or maybe this year's Shannon Stewart would be more accurate. Anyway I hope we see Lane sometime this year, and I hope the same for Dirk Hayhurst.

As noted in the Game Thread John Brattain's memorial was today. I'm going to raise a glass in his honor a little later today.