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Spring Game Recap, Jays Lose To Astros

Jays 2 Astros 3

I'm not sure what JP and Cito might be thinking but the consensus around there is that Ricky Romero won himself a spot in the starting rotation today. Now there are some caveats to go along with his performance: he was pitching to the Houston Astros, not exactly the sort of team he'd be facing in the AL East and he did give up 8 hits (including a home run) in his 7 innings of work. But, like Mills the other day, at least 3 of those hits shouldn't have been hits. I'm not sure how Jose Bautista gets to have a spot on the roster with a glove like his, when Russ Adams was banished for his glove work.

Romero worked Jesse Carlson like magic trick in one inning, loading the bases on a 'infield single' that Bautista should have played, a Bautista error and a single with no one out. Then he struck out two and got out of the inning without a run scoring. Like Mills Friday, Ricky did great at keeping the ball on the ground, 11 ground outs to 4 fly outs. He did give up the homer and 2 doubles. The 6 strikeouts are a nice sign too. 

On the flip side of that, Jeremy Accardo had another bad inning, giving up a home run, a single and a walk to take the loss. I can't see the Jays bringing him north when they break camp. 

Offensively we didn't do much, 8 hits, 6 of them doubles (2 for Scutaro) and a big 2 runs off Brian Moehler, who no one is going to confuse for a great pitcher, but then we have an ability to make pitchers look good. Scutaro and Raul Chavez were 2 for 3. Aaron Hill, Adam Lind and Lyle Overbay were all 1 for 3 and Johnny Mac singled in his time up. He's hitting a big .175 now. 

Ofers go to Millar, Bautista, Moises Sierra and Alex Rios, though Rios drove in a runner on a ground out. 

I'm thinking the last two spots in the rotation are going to Romero and Brad Mills and if you had money on those two going into camp you could be a very rich man, I didn't see anyone suggest that they would round out our starting staff. 

Tomorrow the Jays play the Yankees at 1:00 Eastern. David Purcey starts for the Jays and he's looked great this spring, it should be a good test for him.