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I'm a Dark Horse Running on a Dark Race Course: Game Thread for Jays and Yankees

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Jays home opener is in one week!!!! Yay real baseball is coming.

Well it is official, Ricky Romero will start the season in our rotation. Sometimes the dark horse wins. So since Hugo is busy for a bit, I have to come up with obscure lyrics for post titles. I thought a line from George Harrison's Dark Horse would be appropriate. Maybe not obscure enough but hey, I gotta stick with what I know. I was going to use the lines:

You thought that you'd got me all steaked out
But baby looks like Ive been breaking out

But it was a bit too long for a game thread title. Anyway, I'm glad for Romero and hope he keeps pounding the strike zone and getting those ground balls.

As well as saying Romero would  join the staff, Cito said that he will move Jesse Litsch to the 3 spot and today's starter David Purcey to the 2 spot in the rotation to separate the lefties. I'm not sure that there is any proven advantage to doing that but it makes sense in a non-proven way.

Beyond the Boxscore has a profile of our own Moonraker, they aren't thrilled with his defense (he says, putting it mildly) but figure he has 30 home run power.

Anyway today's lineup, Snider's back in so his knee must feel better, that's good news, but Wells and Barajas are still out. Yet another reason why Lane would have been a better choice than Millar for a roster spot is that Lane is a better outfielder so he could play LF or RF and let Lind DH at times when Wells is out of the lineup. I love the title to Robert MacLeod's Glove post talking about Lane getting sent down; 'Who Needs Home Run Hitter Anyhow?'

Today's Jay line up:

Scutaro SS

Hill 2B

Rios CF

Millar DH

Overbay 1B

Rolen 3B

Lind LF

Snider RF

Barrett C

The game is on Gameday Audio so join me in the thread if you can.