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Bits on a Tuesday Morning

Apparently we have access to AP pictures now. Wow they have a lot of great pictures from yesterday's game, but being a bear of very little brain it is going to take me awhile to figure out how to use them.

Anyway all the news this morning is about how happy Ricky Romero is to have made the Jay's rotation. I like this bit in the National Post:

Ricardo Romero Sr., was asleep when his son Ricky called at 6 a. m. California time. Ricardo, a truck driver, had the day off. He awoke with a start when he heard Ricky's news.

"Whoa! No way!" Ricardo said.

Then Ricky called his mom, Sandra, who was driving her school bus. Fortunately, the bus was empty.

"She just screamed really loud. You could tell she kind of teared up," Ricky said.

I'm glad for him after being the brunt of fan scorn, mostly people's dislike of JP but their dislike of his drafting a lot of the time was directed at Romero. I hope he does great.

Over at MLB Trade Rumors, they mention Gary Sheffield being released and ask if the Jays might be interested. Geeze I'd hope so, he'd be a huge upgrade from Kevin Millar and since the Tigers are paying him $14 million not to play ball for them (you know, Tigers, I'd not play ball for you for half that, I'm a bargain), all it would cost us is the major league minimum. Come on JP, lets do this one.

Over at Mop Up Duty they have the second part of the Blue Jay Bloggers Round Table. They asked questions of some of the Jay bloggers and we gave opinions, like as if we know anything.

Speaking of people asking our opinions, Philly Sports Post, a site talking about...well you can figure it out....asked Hugo and I handful of questions about the Jays and have posted our answers here as part of their MLB Team Preview. Lots of folks are asking our opinions lately, you'd think we were Joe Morgan or something.

Jays play this evening, Brad Mills is pitching for a spot in the rotation. I'd think if he has a good game he'll get that last spot. We'll have a Game Thread up, the game will be on MLB Gameday Audio.