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Game Thread for Jays and Phillies

The Jays have made some moves, the bullpen is now set with Ryan, Downs, Cy Carlson, Tallet, Frasor and Shawn Camp. Jeremy Accardo will be send down to Triple-A. Accardo had an option left so that's likely reason why he's the odd man out. And he hasn't been great this spring. But it is sad for him. 

Our bench is Kevin Millar (sigh), Jose Bautista (sigh) and John McDonald (double sigh). Joe Inglett will be sent down to Vegas. The only spots where there is still doubt are 5th starter, where Brad Mills and Scott Richmond are still battling it out for one more spring start each and back up catcher where it is between Michael Barrett and Raul Chavez. Come on, it has to be Barrett.

Cito was asked about Gary Sheffield and he said that if they signed Sheffield then Travis Snider would be send down. Ummmmmm no, we'd release Millar. Right? Come on Cito, let's treat the reporters questions seriously.

Tonight Mills starts for us. The rest of the line up:

Scutaro 2B

Bautista 3B

Lind DH

Wells CF

Overbay 1B

Snider LF

Barajas C

Aaron Mathews RF

McDonald SS

I'm around for the start of the game, join me in the thread.