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Is It Time For John McDonald To Go?

Jeff Blair, from the Toronto Globe, suggested that Johnny Mac might be on the bubble to be released from the team. Apparently the feeling is that if Joe Inglett and/or Jose Bautista could play short well enough to back up Scutaro, then we could keep one more decent bat, like say Jason Lane. Now that's just an example, not a personal hope of mine or anything (yeah right).

I've been hoping (or talking incessantly about, to be more accurate) that the Jays would try Inglett at short for awhile now. I know his arm strength isn't what you'd like from the position but he does seem athletic enough to handle the spot. And I'd like his bat in the leadoff spot.

Now every spring we are told that this is the year McDonald will suddenly learn to hit, but it hasn't happened and he's 34 now. Odds are it isn't going to happen in spite of Cito's assurances. And last year his defensive ratings dropped. When your career batting line is .236/.276/.310 you have to have one amazing glove to be worth a roster spot. But then I do enjoy watching him play defense.

Anyway, let's put it to a poll.