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Who Watches the Watchmen?

Well I did. And while a movie review is miles off topic, there isn't any baseball stuff I'm interested in talking about on a Friday afternoon, so I'm going to do a quick review. I liked it, a lot. I'm a big fan of the 12 issue comic book (I hate the term graphic novel, when comic book people are ashamed of comics, there is a problem) and I wondered how it would stack up. They did good. It was long, abut 3 hours, and even at that length things had to be cut from the comic. 

I'm not going to give any spoilers, other to say the girl (Malin Akerman) that played Silk Spectre II was made to be a comic book character and Patrick Wilson was perfect as a middle aged Nite Owl II, a little heavy around the middle and a little worn down by the world.  Rorschach's mask was amazing. And Canadian actor Matt Frewer (he played Max Headroom for those old enough to remember) was good in a small role. 

The look was much like the comic. Dan Gibbons, the artist on the comic helped some with it. Alan Moore, the writer, dislikes having his comics made into movies and refuses to have his name in the credits or cash cheques from the movies. He feels his stories are just right as a comic and would rather leave it that way. I do admire his convictions. 

The question for me was what were they going to do with the ending. The end of the story was one of those 'you've got to be kidding me' moments, bad enough to take you out of the story for a bit but there was enough good to overlook the ending. The movie changes it some, while keeping with the spirt of the original ending, it works pretty well. 

Reviews I've seen have been pretty polarized, reviewers seemed to love it or hate it. And I can understand that. There is a lot going on. You have to be able to deal with the idea that heros aren't always good people. And there are moments of very brutal violence as well as a tough to watch rape, some sex (have I mentioned how good looking Malin Akerman was in it?) and seeing the the World Trade Center buildings was a little jarring. All in all it isn't for kids, if you think comic book movies have to be for children, don't go see it. 

But for those that are interested, it is well worth seeing. 

Some Baseball stuff: 

Jays play the Phillies tonight, but we won't have a game thread for it. Doc is starting for the Jays and Overbay is finally playing. 

Tomorrow at 2:00 Eastern Team Canada plays Team USA to start the WBC for both teams. We'll have a game thread up for that game, it is on Sportsnet, so join in with us tomorrow if you are going to watch the game.