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Spring Training Game Thread, Jays at Yankees

Hi all.  Hope everyone had a triumphant weekend and is off to a good start this week.  Work is a little crazy at the moment, but in case anyone is around wanted to get a game thread up for the Jays-Yankees faceoff.

Lots of Jays-related scribbling: lists its 10 Jays prospects to watch, and though it does not rank each one, its top 10 are identical to our Tolkien-themed version, except that our #11, Mark Rzepcynzski, is in their top 10, while our #10, John Tolisano, is not.  Jordan Bastian has an interview with skipper Cito Gaston: Realistically, what are your expectations for this group this season?

Gaston: We just want to go out and play hard and certainly play good baseball. We just want to continue to improve.

Good baseball - Boooo....playoffs!  Also, Cito loves Brad Mills and Brett Cecil long time, and says Ricky Romero has a "good arm" in the same sentence that he says Bill Murphy has the same.  Ouch. 

Vernon Wells has been doing some running on his hamstring and it feels good - he plans to play in games in about another week or so, but his return for opening day is still up in the air. 

Morgan Campbell has a somewhat gruesome article on Lyle Overbay and Scott Rolen:

A trip to the doctor revealed [Overbay] had three hernias – an old one that had reoccurred, a fresh one elsewhere in his intestine and a sports hernia, where part of his abdominal muscle had torn away from the rib bone.

Thanks for that. 

Anyway, the aforementioned Brad Mills and Casey Janssen are scheduled to pitch for the blue birds today (Mills, who like Jeremy Accardo, hails from Mesa, Arizona and has a civil engineering degree, a fact that every article mentioning him feels compelled to mention, is starting) while Andy Pettitte will make the start for the Yankees.  More information perhaps as it becomes available. 

[Note by hugo, 03/09/09 12:42 PM EDT ]

The Jays' starting lineup:

Russ Adams, lf
Aaron Hill, 2b
Adam Lind, dh
Lyle Overbay, 1b
Jason Lane, cf
Travis Snider, lf
Scott Campbell, 3b
Raul Chavez, c
John McDonald, ss