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Spring Game Recap Jays Thumped By Phillies

Jays 1 Phillies 9

So it was Brad Mills last chance to impress before they decide who gets the final spot in the rotation and it didn't go well. In 5.1 innings he gave up 10 hits, 7 runs, though only 4 earned and 2 of the runs scored after he left the game. He also had 1 walk, 1 strikeout and 1 home run. I guess mentioning a couple of the hits should have been outs with decent fielding doesn't help much. If he needed a good start to make the team, I hope he enjoys pitching in Vegas. And if he does go down

Even if that is the case, Mills has positioned himself firmly on the Blue Jays' radar.

"Whether he pitches up here now [or not], he will pitch up here soon," Gaston said.

Jesse Carlson didn't do well either, giving up 4 hits in 1 inning of work, but then he has a spot on the team. Brandon League did well in his 1.2 innings, giving up just 1 hit and getting on strikeout.

Offensively we didn't do much either. Moonraker was 2 for 3 with a homer, to account for our only run. Lind, Wells and Aaron Mathews each were 1 for 3. Ofers go to Scutaro, Bautista, Overbay, Barajas and McDonald.

I've been saying that the Jay's offense would be better this year, Cito would work his magic and the bats that weren't working last year would work. And Lind and Snider would be better than the misfits that played LF and DH last year.  Hill's back. But I wish they would show some of that offense that I keep predicting.

The defense wasn't great either, Snider doesn't look good in the outfield and Scott Campbell made his 3rd error of the spring, but then he isn't making the team.

Tomorrow at 1:00 Eastern the Jays play the Nationals. Doc is starting for us, so I'd bet on less than 9 runs scored against. The game doesn't appear to be on MLB Gameday Audio so I doubt we'll have a game thread for it.