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Quick Bit on a Wednesday Morning

Just a quick post this morning, busy day ahead.

Si has their MLB preview in this week's issue. And guess who they pick for last in the AL East? Yep our Jays. To which I say *&%^$ you and the horse you rode in on. Jay's Pythag record was 92-70, Orioles 73-88 last year. You really see a 20 game swing there. Yeah Marcum and McGowan are hurt and yeah AJ's gone, but we had our best run last year with Marcum and McGowan hurt and AJ's ERA was just slightly better than league average and that's with our great defense behind him.

LF and DH was a black hole last year, Lind and Snider have to be better than that. Yeah the back of the rotation looks shaky but Cecil will be up at some point and we'll be ok. Anyway not cancelling my subscription, just yet.

Wondering what happened to Ken Takahashi? Me neither. But they Jays released him and he signed a minor league deal with the Mets.

The Jays game today isn't on Gameday Audio so we won't be having a thread today. Enjoy your April Fools Day. Yeah the Martinez thing got me, in my defence I read it yesterday before it was April Fools and it didn't even cross my mind. Oh well.