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Spring Game Recap Jays Beat Nationals And Roster News

Nationals 6 Jays 7

Update: MLB's box score has been fixed and both Ryan and Downs pitched. Ryan pitched a perfect inning, Downs walked one in his inning.

Well we finally got some offense this spring. Yay. Scott Rolen had a homer and a double. Snider had 2 doubles. Rios had two hits. Hill, Lind, Wells, Millar and Moises Sierra each had a hit. Notable ofers McDonald and the catching duel of Barrett and Barajas shared an o for 2.

Halladay had a good start again, going 7 allowing 5 hits, 2 runs, 1 earned, no walks and 5 strikeouts. Snakeface (Scott Downs) pitched a scoreless inning. Hmmmmm strike that, there is disagreement on who pitched, the box score says Downs, but Jordan Bastian says it was BJ Ryan. Bastain knows the Jays, I'm sure he is right. Says Ryan hit 87 on the radar gun so he's getting there.  Minor leaguer Tim Collins had a rough go, giving up 4 hits, 2 walks and 4 runs, while just getting 2 out, but another minor leaguer Michael Barbara came in and got the last out and the save.

The Jays also made their last couple of roster moves. Scott Richmond was named 5th starter. No surprise there, the real question is how long will he hold the 5th starter role. You have to figure Cecil will be up at some point, after it's been long enough that he'll gain another year before arbitration kicks in. Have to feel good for Richmond though, he's a great story.

And Michael Barrett was name back up catcher. Again no surprise. Barrett could end up a better offensive choice than Barajas, I wonder how they'll split things, Barrett's bat has been better than Barajas this spring.

In other news, the Jays released Matt Bush. Apparently he did something but the Jays aren't saying, other than he they had a 'zero tolerance' agreement with him.  Had to figure he wasn't going to last long.

Tomorrow the Jays play the Tigers. Scott Richmond starts for us and once again it isn't on MLB Gameday. Darn.