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Quick Question

So, with the injury to Jesse Litsch, though we don't know how serious it is yet, is there any chance that the Jays will make an offer to Pedro Martinez? I mean the team is showing we have enough offense to maybe contend, but without Litsch we are very short of starters. I'm guessing that Brett Cecil will be called up but getting more than 5 innings a start from him might be asking a lot. And, of course, with him in Litsch's spot, he can't come up to replace Scott Richmond in the rotation if Richmond shows he can't do the job.

Martinez pitched in the WBC so it wouldn't take too long for him to be ready to start for us. Yeah I know the Jays don't want to spend money this year, but Martinez could likely be had for about $5 million and team president Paul Beeston said that the payroll could go up if needed. Paul Byrd is still unsigned as well but he wants to wait until later in the season to join a team. Anyway let's have a poll.