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Hidden Leaves: Litsch Headed to Disabled List; Bill Murphy Called Up

So the early word on Jesse Litsch is that he has a strained forearm and will need a stint on the 15-day disabled list.  So far, that doesn't sound too bad, does it?  I remember with Marcum, it was made fairly clear that the initial results from the MRI were not encouraging and that while more analysis was needed, things definitely didn't sound good.  This is a bit of a different tune coming off the Litsch MRI, so hopefully I was worrying over nothing and Litsch will be fine by early May. 

The Jays called up Bill Murphy to take Litsch's place.  You may remember Bill Murphy from such films as Jays 2009 Spring Training, from the book Moneyball, or from the two shutdown innings he has thrown so far for the Las Vegas 51s.  Murphy isn't a starter so that means either another change will be made when it's once again Litsch's turn in the rotation, or someone like Brian Tallet (most likely Brian Tallet) will be expected to start. 

Today's post's title comes from an improbable country song about a wounded samurai, "Hidden Leaves," by Mayday, off their record Bushido Karaoke.  Get well soon, Jesse.