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I Made Minnesota My Home Tonight: Game Preview and Thread, Jays at Twins

In case you missed it, we did a little article about Adam Lind and Travis Snider this afternoon. Scroll down or find it here. Today's title comes from "Minnesota," by the Boston band the Push Stars, and it certainly seemed fitting given that today is overwhelmingly likely to be the last game that the Jays ever play at the Metrodome.

The Jays go for their third-straight series win tonight against the Twins before heading home for a weekend series against the Oakland Athletics. Doc Halladay pitches for the Jays, while Francisco Liriano pitches for the Twins. Liriano has had a rough time of it so far this season, with his ERA sitting just below 7 and unimpressive K numbers. Of course, one can't expect him to continue to let score more runners than he strands. As for the Jays, if you guessed that Travis Snider would be riding the pine again today, you were right. Both Overbay and Moonraker are sitting.

We discussed in yesterday's game thread how Alex Rios is scuffling a bit at the plate. Well, Cito agrees:

"We're still trying to get him off his back side. He's a little bit late getting started right now. It's timing. It's all about timing and he's just starting a little late. We're talking to him about it."Cito also insisted, once again, that the presence of Bautista and Millar in the lineup today doesn't mean that Overbay and Snider are being platooned and that both Overbay and Snider will start seeing at-bats against lefties soon. I don't mind today - I don't necessarily see any special reason that Liriano should be the first lefty that Snider faces this year. But it will be interesting to see if he pinch-hits today. I'm thinking no chance.


Toronto Blue Jays @ Minnesota Twins

04/16/09 8:10 PM EDT

Toronto Blue Jays Minnesota Twins
Marco Scutaro - SS Denard Span - CF
Aaron Hill - 2B Alexi Casilla - 2B
Alex Rios - RF Justin Morneau - 1B
Vernon Wells - CF Jason Kubel - DH
Adam Lind - DH Michael Cuddyer - RF
Scott Rolen - 3B Brian Buscher - 3B
Kevin Millar - 1B Delmon Young - LF
Rod Barajas - C Jose Morales - C
Jose Bautista - LF Brendan Harris - SS

It would be great to close out today's series with a win. So if your team is out of the NHL playoffs or not playing today, stop by and join us in the game thread. I have to go cook dinner but will see y'all at gametime. Let's go Jays!