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Halladay is 3-0, Millar Grand Slams....Guess What? We Win Again!

Jays 9 Twins 2

Boy it is nice to have offense. Why couldn't we do this last year? It is possible I am dreaming. Though, my Flames lost in overtime tonight so I'm guessing that I'm not. We are 8-3. In first, a full game up on the Orioles (of all teams).

Anyway the game? Doc was great. 7 innings, 1 earned, 8 strikeouts, no walks, yeah 8 hits but most were ground balls that made it thru.

Offensively 14 hits, 9 runs, 5 walks, 2 home runs, a 2 run shot early in the 7th inning for Scutaro and a grand slam later the same inning for Kevin Millar. Hill had 3 hits, Scoot, Wells, Barajas and Bautista had 2. Millar, Lind and Snider had 1, Snider in his only at bat of the game, Lind had two walks and of course, Millar's hit was a grand slam. Yes, yes, yes, I was wrong. Millar was the right one to keep. Rolen was 0 for 3 but walked twice. But Mr. Rios was 0 for 5, he did hit the ball hard his first time up but the other times up he looked lost.

Scutaro did mess up a couple of double play posiblities, twice dropping the ball while trying to make the exchange from the glove to the throwing hand. With how amazing he has looked on defense it is nice to see that he is human. No actually it isn't nice, but since we won, we can live with it.

Jays of the Day? Doc (.283 WPA), Scoot  (.201) and Hill (.132). Honorable mention Barajas, Millar, Lind and Bautista. Suckage? Yep, Alex Rios (-.102) gets the coveted Hinske award.

We had great fun in the game thread discussing my inability to spell in any language, lotions and ointments and their allure to females (thanks Carm for teaching us all). Thankfully that is now a banned subject in game threads, as well as the C-word. Also discussed were radio personalities in our midst, relative strengths of parents and occasionally baseball. So if you haven't joined us in a thread, you really should. Unless you have the urge to use the C-word should Kevin Millar do something.

Tomorrow we start a 3 game series with Oakland at Skydome Rogers Center, David Purcey gets the start. Josh Outman, a lefty, goes for the A's. Outman was game up 3 runs in 4.1 innings in his one start this season.

Anyway, it is a great time to be a Jay's fan. Not only did we score 21 runs in the last two days, not only are we in first, not only do we lead the league in runs scored, but the Yankees got thumped today in the first game at the new Yankee Stadium. This is normally where I wake up.