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This Whole Town's Full of Sin; It'll Swallow You In

Hi, all -

Just checking in from Las Vegas.  Here for a week for work, and the work part is going fine.  Never been here before and I can't say I'd ever come here on vacation, but it hasn't been too bad. 

I return to Washington tomorrow but this weekend and next week I will
be traveling for a real vacation - a week in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  Any recommendations of things to do and see would be very welcome, as I have had precious little time to plan the vacation while preparing for court.  I'll be around as much as possible, but that probably won't be much, if at all. 

That said, Rince...errr Tom (have to get used to that) has done a fantastic job in my absence - things function a little too well around here without me, haha.

I hope everything is going well in your respective necks of the woods which, looking at the map of site visitors, pretty much covers most of the world.  We're still waiting for our first New Zealander to check in on Scott Campbell though, as far as I can see.  Who knew the world was so interested in our beloved azure corvid warriors?