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Spring Game Recap, Jays Lose to Tigers

Jays 5 Tigers 8

Fortunately for Scott Richmond, the Jays had already announced he'd be the 5th starter before this game, because it would be hard to announce it after. Yeah, he wasn't good. 6 innings, 9 hits, 1 homer, 6 earned, only 1 walk and 4 strikeouts. So if you want to be a glass still has a drop in it type guy, he's got a good strikeout to walk rate. But no it wasn't a good outing in any way shape or form.

Jason Frasor pitched an inning walked 2, gave up a hit and 2 runs. Jesse Carlson is that only Jay pitcher to do well, pitching a perfect inning. 

Offensively we did better, Aaron Hill and Alex Rios hit home runs. Moonraker went 3 for 4 (in the 9th spot, come on Cito, the guy can hit, move him up). Scott Rolen also had a hit, his average is .375 for the spring. And Adam Lind and Vernon Wells each took two walks. That's 6 walks on the spring for Lind, that might not seem like a big deal but he only had 16 walks in 325 at bats last year. He needs to take the odd walk to keep the pitchers honest. 

Notable ofers include Lyle Overbay, 0 for 3 with a strikeout, batting a big .179 this spring, but both he and Cito say he's swinging the bat well. And Big Rod Barajas was 0 for 3 and is now batting .100. Should we start the petition to make Michael Barrett the starting catcher yet?

Tomorrow evening the Jays play the Marlins at 7:00 Eastern time. The game is on Gameday Audio, I'll put up a game thread but I'm busy tomorrow night and won't be able to listen in. Jesse Litsch starts for the Jays.

in other Jay news, the Jays from the 1992-1993 World Series winning teams are going to have a reunion this summer on August 6, 7 and 8th. 

Among the 30 players and coaches confirmed to attend are stars like Carter, Roberto Alomar, Devon White, Jimmy Key, Dave Stewart, Ed Sprague, John Olerud, Al Leiter, Pat Hentgen, Kelly Gruber, David Cone and Mike Timlin.

"The reason it took 17 years for us to put this reunion together was we had to wait until finally Mike Timlin retired," Joe Carter joked about his 43-year-old ex-teammate, who played 18 years in the Major Leagues.

Will be great to see those guys again. Wonder if we can sign a couple of them?