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Happy Birthday David Purcey and Jimmy Key

It is kind of cool that two Jay lefty starting pitchers share the same birthday. We can only hope that David Purcey has the same sort of career in front of him that Jimmy Key had. Key won 116 games against 81 losses in 9 seasons with us. He had 2 wins in our first World Series win over the Atlanta Braves in 1992. He signed as a free agent with the Yankees after the season so he missed getting his second ring with us but he picked up another ring in 1996 with the Yankees.

Key won 186 games in 15 seasons with the Jays, Yankees and Orioles. I guess it would be a lot to ask Purcey get to that many wins. Maybe he could get the World Series wins though?

Jimmy Key turns 48 today. David Purcey turns 27. By the time Key turned 27 he had 51 wins in the majors. Purcey has 3. So he's getting a little slower start.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to both of them. I hope Purcey gets a win as a birthday present. I think I remember seeing a study somewhere that showed pitchers tended to do quite well on their birthdays. Maybe that will work out tonight.