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Bits On a Thursday Afternoon

Well for reasons that I truly don't understand myself, we now have a twitter account: www.twitter/bluebirdbanter. At the moment all that is happening there is our posts here get a link up on there. Exciting eh? For some reason it isn't letting my phone work with it. Anyway the SB Nation sites are having a race to see who can get to 5,000 followers first, so if you have 5,000 friends all using twitter, well you are a nerd, but have them all follow us. That's the only way we could win. 

Also, I put up a Facebook page and Facebook group. So if coming here isn't enough for you well you could go there too. So if you are on Facebook and want to find us, search on Bluebird Banter

If you are thinking the Jays could keep in the race this year, the folks at Baseball Analysts think so too. It is nice to see someone out there think we could be good this year. They note that we have an ERA+ of 124 and a OPS+ of 118, both good for 3rd in the AL. They also believe that Lyle Overbay should have a 'bounce back' season and that we have enough players underperforming that when that guys that have started off very hot cool down, we could keep winning. 

Oh, oh....just found this on, Ricky Romero has been put on the 15 day DL with a 'right oblique muscle strain'. That's not good, with Litsch hurt someone will have to be called up to make a start or two. It is retroactive to April 20 so he could be back May 6. Damn. Ricky has been our best start, even better than Doc so far this year. 

The Drunks are questioning Cito's in-game management. Ummmm yeah, well, try to get used to it. Cito's never been a great strategist and he's not going to change. We have two choices, decide that managerial maneuvers don't effect games much or we can drink more. I guess I know what the Drunks will choose.