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5th Series Win in a Row to Start the Season!

Rangers 2 Jays 5

You know, this season is so much more fun than last year. I know we are going to go thru bad stretches and losing two of our starting pitchers in the first month seems like a bad omen but right now this is so much fun.

We've had such good luck with the starting pitchers. Tonight Scott Richmond had his second really good start in a row.Hugo and I were saying before the season that we thought Richmond could do a good job as a 5th starter, but it is nice to see him do it. Today he got us 6 innings, 2 earned runs both on solo homers, 2 walks and 8 strikeouts. If you got to give up a couple of homers in a game, solo shots are the way to go.

Our bullpen as terrific again. League, Carlson, Camp and Downs pitched the last 3 innings only allowing 1 hit and striking out 5. Downs got his first save of the season. Yeah I wish Cito would give Downs the night off when we are up by three but I am trying to keep from letting little things Cito does bother me. Trying. Downs has appeared in 9 of our 17 games. He does seem to have a rubber arm but why test his limits?

Offensively home runs won it for us. Happily the most ragged on players (well other than BJ Ryan) hit the homers. Wells and Overbay each hit solo shots and Rios hit a 2 run homer. Vernon's home run moved him past Jesse Barfield into 4th all-time in homers for the Jays. Rolen came thru with a single with 2 out in the 8th to drive in our 5th run.

We did have some 0fers today. Scutaro, Lind, Barajas and Snider, but Moonraker and Lind each took a walk, Scutaro hit the ball hard a couple of times and Big Rod hit 2 homers yesterday so he is allowed an ofer today.

Jays of the Day are Richmond (.167 WPA), Rios (.134) and Overbay (.110). Honorable mention Wells and League. Suckage Jay was Scutaro (-.112) getting the Hinske award.

Tomorrow the Jays are in Chicago to play the White Sox. Jessef has a preview of the pitching match ups here. I'd feel sorry for him because, for the second time in a row, after he has writen a great post on the match ups in up coming series  teams change starters on him. I would feel sorry for him, but his brother has threatened to fire him if it happens again.

In other Jay news Bryan Bullington has been called up from Vegas to fill BJ Ryan's roster spot. Apparently Brian Burres will be called up Saturday to take Ricky Romero's start. I was hoping Dirk Hayhurst would get a callup but no such luck yet.

And in case you forgot. We are 12-5, in first place in the AL East, 2 games up on the Yankees and the Red Sox. Enjoy.