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Someone Choose Who's Left and Who's Leaving? Game Preview and Thread, Game 18: Jays at ChiSox

So the Jays are 12-5 and in first place and the season is over 1/10 of the way through. Can't complain much about that. The Jays had a successful homestand against the Athletics and the Rangers, but are now going back on the road, where they presently have a 5-2 record.

Opposing the Jays are the Chicago White Sox and Gavin Floyd, about whom you can read more here. The Pale Hose are coming off an unsuccessful 3-game series against Baltimore (they lost 2 of 3) where they scored 3, 8, and 2 runs in the games. Against the Orioles pitching, that's not a lot of offense.

And the Jays will need Chicago's bats to stay cold this weekend with a patchwork of starters going up against them. Tonight Brian Tallet makes his second start of the season - he had a great start against Oakland so he'll just try to keep it going, and he'll have to be efficient as he is limited to between 80-90 pitches. If he gets to 90 pitches, that's likely a good thing for the Jays as they can't really afford to burn the bullpen too deeply with Brian Burres set to start tomorrow and a bullpen that did some heavy lifting over the past couple of series. Without further adieu:

2009 - Brian Tallet 0-0 4.26 1.03 10 5

2009 - Gavin Floyd 2-1 4.74 1.37 18 9

Today's post title comes from the Weakerthans' incredible song Left and Leaving. It seemed appropriate being that Jays are dropping like flies but the team keeps winning. And yes, that is a Tick reference in the picture caption.