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Jays Win Big Again

Jays 14 White Sox 0

I have the headache from hell, so this is going to be short. We win again.

Ok maybe not that short. You know, I think we have a starter in Tallet. The Jays are going to have some hard choices to make when Litsch/Romero/Janssen are ready to come back. Tallet went 5.1 scoreless innings for the win. 

All the starters had at least 1 hit, except Overbay and he walked twice. We pounded Gavin Floyd and 2 relievers. Scoot, Wells, Lind, Barajas and Snider all had 3 hits. Hill and Rolen had 2 hits. just a great team effort. 21 total hits and  7 walks.

Jays of the Day are Tallet (.197 WPA) and Wells (.145). Honorable mention to, well, everyone else. No Suckage Jay.

We are now 13-5, in 1st, 2 games up on the Red Sox who beat the Yankees with a Youkilis walk off homer in the 11th of their game. Tomorrow we may need 14 runs again as the Jays, against all logic, called up Brian Burres to start the game. Mark Buehrle goes for the Pale Hose.