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The Magnificent Dance: Jays 4, White Sox 3

Well, the Jays have done it!  They've opened the season with 6 straight series victories, including 2 4-game series, and it's hard not to be excited about that.  Yes, the offense slowed down over the past two games after the explosive start, but it was a quality all-around effort today with many fine contributions. 

Roy Halladay pitched for the Jays and as announcer Jamie Campbell repeated ad nauseum, Chicago was the one AL city in which Doc had not recorded a victory (actually, I think he said it was the one ballpark in the AL, but that's obviously wrong - new Yankee stadium, Jamie?)  Anyway, Doc has a win in Chicago now.  Doc didn't get off to the best start, giving up 3 runs in the first three innings, including 2 on a Paul Konerko double in the third.  But he came back strong to turn in a very fine performance, going 7 strong, striking out 6, walking 1, and giving up 8 hits, though no home runs, which was good to see after his last outing.  And the Jays got him the win when they scored the go-ahead run in the 8th after Doc had finished the 7th.

At the plate, Adam Lind had the big day for the Jays, with a 2-run double in the first inning and two more walks later on.  Vernon Wells had a nice day too - he doubled to lead off the 8th and scored the winning run.  Rod Barajas had 3 hits but hurt himself when he struck out with Adam Lind on third base and 1 out in the 8th inning, missing the chance to hand the bullpen a bigger lead. 

Speaking of, the bullpen did a really fine job today.  Jason Frasor and Jesse Carlson combined for a clean 8th, with Carlson using just 4 pitches to induce a lineout by Thome and a mean-looking K of Dye.  Scott Downs closed for the second time this season and did a great job, inducing two weak groundouts and a medium depth flyball around a single to end the game.  Downs looked good in the closer role, getting ahead and challenging hitters (notably, he came inside on a 1-1 count with a fastball to fastball-masher Alexei Ramirez, who represented the winning run).  

All in all a great game.  Jays of the day were Lind, Halladay, and Downs, with Wells and Carlson earning honourable mention.  14-6!!

Tomorrow, the Jays start a 4-game series against the surprisingly pretty good Kansas City Royals, who are 9-9.  David Purcey pitches for the Jays while Brian Bannister goes for the Royals.  Since Jesse went the Clash for the game thread, I figured it was appropriate to use another song by the only band that matters for the recap.