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That Was Bad in So Many Ways, Jays Lose

Jays 1 Royals 7

Nothing went well today. Purcey had a lousy start, just 5 innings, 8 hits, 3 walks, 3 homer, 6 earned runs and just 3 strikeouts. He's now had 1 good start, 1 ok start and 3 bad starts. This one was different though, he gave up 3 home runs, up til this start he had only given up 1. I don't know, maybe in trying not to walk guys he was forcing pitches over the plate. I'm hoping Brad Arnsberg can work his magic on David before his next start. This was a strange bad start for him, not as many walks as he has been giving up but not striking out as many and giving up a bunch of homers. Oh well let's see what happens his next time out.

Offensively we only had two hits on the day, Lind and Rolen had one each. We take 6 walks, but walks with no hits gets you what we had tonight., 1 run. Wells and Overbay in particular had bad nights; each 0 for 4 with 2 strikeouts.

Anyway Jay of Day Adam Lind (.099 WPA). Suckage Jays are Purcey (yeah like that's a surprise, -.291 WPA), Wells (-.142) and Rolen (-.136).

Let's focus on the good things for a moment. We are 14-7, basically tied for first with the Red Sox who have won 11 games in a row now. Tomorrow Scott Richmond (2-0, 3.31) goes against Gil Meche (1-1-, 2.63). Richmond has had 2 really good starts in a row. I have thought he'd could be a good 5th starter but he's been better than I hoped. It should be interesting tomorrow, I'm hoping that our offense returns.