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Some Jay Minor League News

Over on Baseball America's web site that have a list of Minor League moves the Jays have made. The guys the Jays have released:

RHP Rick Bauer, RHP Mike MacDonald, RHP Dan Miller, RHP Jay Monti, RHP Seth Overbey, RHP Edward Rodriguez, RHP Orlando Roman, LHP Daryl Harang, LHP Brian Letko, LHP Mike Maroth, LHP Ken Takahashi, LHP A.J. Wideman, C Joel Collins, 1B Adam Amar, 1B Chip Cannon, SS Marcos Cabral, OF Jacob Butler, OF Chris Demons, OF Wayne Lydon, OF Cory Patton

The names that stand out for me are Joel Collins who is on our top 30 prospects and AJ Wideman, who I thought was a pretty good prospect but they know better. Chip Cannon hit 35 home runs in 2005 but hasn't done a thing since. Maroth never had a chance with the knee injury.  Ken Takashashi was a mistake from the start. Wayne Lydon was prospect at one time.