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It's a slow Friday, the Jays have just 2 spring games left, tonight at 7:00 and tomorrow at 12:00 Eastern. Both games are against the Marlins before the Jay's season starts on Monday in Detroit  against Detroit in Toronto, get it right. Tomorrow's game is on TSN, so we'll get a chance to see it.

We've had suggestions that we have a glossary of nicknames we use for Jay players so that people new to the site can know who we are referring to. Trouble is, I have such a poor memory, I can only remember a few of the nicknames. So I'm asking you guys to remind me of nicknames that we've used and/or suggest nicknames for players we might not have one for or a better name for someone we do have a nickname for.

To get us started I'll list a couple that I remember:

Moonraker=Travis Snider

Snakeface=Scott Downs (for obvious reasons)

Cy=Jesse Carlson

PMoD (Prime Minister of Defense)=John McDonald, though Johnny better get back to his old level of defense if we are going to call hm this.

I generally call Cito 'Statue' or well, words I'm not to use on here, when he is sitting on the bench watching a pitcher tire and get hit hard, while birds land on his shoulders.

So give us some of your favorites.