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Spring Game Thread Jays And Marlins

The Mets signed Gary Sheffield today so we don't have to consider him anymore. I guess the plan for him is to be 4th outfielder to spell the corner guys some of the time. I'm not sure I think he can really play outfield much anymore but I guess they will see. 

Missed out on a story, Ichiro Suzuki is going to start the season on the DL with an ulcer. Apparently it was a bleeding ulcer when they found it but it is no long bleeding. That WBC was too much stress for him I guess.

Jays play the Marlins tonight and tomorrow, tomorrow's game is on TSN. Tonight's Jay's line up:

Scutaro ss

Hill 2B

Rios RF

Wells CF

Lind DH

Rolen 3B

Overbay 1B

Barajas C

Snider LF


Frig Cito, let's move Moonraker out of the 9th spot, ok?Jesse Litsch is starting for the Jays. I likely won't be around for much of the game, maybe a bit here and there. Tomorrow I'm planing on watching the whole game.