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Poor Start for Tallet, Jays Lose

Jays 2 Royals 11

Well we should have expected that Brian Tallet couldn't continue to pitch amazingly as a starter every time out, sooner or later he had to have a bad day, but this was far worse than bad. He went just 4 inning, giving up 10 earned, off 11 hits, 3 walks and 3 home runs. He was, perhaps, left out there too long but once we were down by a bunch it didn't matter for anything but Tallet's ERA.

Offensively, well we were the first team to get earned runs off Zack Greinke in his 5th start of the season. So that's a success, unfortunately the 2 runs we got off Greinke didn't hold up. We did get 8 hits, Aaron Hill and Rod Barajas each had 2 and Marco Scutaro scored both runs.

No Jays of the Day today, though Scoot (.086 WPA), Wells (.082) and Hill (.066) did come close. Suckage Jays were Tallet (-.463) and Alex Rios (-.112).

So our streak of series wins ends. But if we win tomorrow we get a split of the series. Good news is we are 15-8 and are in a virtual tie with the Red Sox for first on the East and for the best record in the AL. I'm not a fan of Brian Burres but I'm hoping he has a good game tomorrow. So don't worry, with a young pitching staff we are bound to have the odd bad start. But Romero, Litsch and Janssen will be returning to the rotation soon.