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Game Thread for Last Spring Game, Jays and Marlins's this sort of thing that Cito says that drives me nuts:

Hard-hitting rookie Travis Snider batted ninth again. Gaston acknowledges that Snider, hitting .400 for the spring after last night's game, is good enough to bat higher in the lineup, but says for now he'll enjoy having a big bat at the bottom of the order. "Plus he has some speed too, so it's kind of like a double leadoff," Gaston said. "And he's been doing well in that spot so why move him?"

Yep....he's got some speed....the guy is 250 pound, he stole ZERO bases last year, his minor league high for stole bases is 6. In 2007 at age 19 he stole 3 bases and was caught 10 times. If he has speed then Lyle Overbay must be a Ricky Henderson clone. When ever you wonder why no one hired Cito to manage since he was fired by the Jays the first time, it is because of crap like this.

Anyway today's Jays line up:

Jackson SS

Hill 2B

Rios RF

Wells CF

Millar DH

Bautista 3B

Overbay 1B

Barrett C

Snider LF

Ricky Romero is pitching and the game is on TSN and I'm going to watch at least some of it, since I'm tired of watching Newcastle United lose this morning. I am interested to see Jackson at short and see Romero pitch. Join us in the thread.