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Bits on a Thursday Afternoon

You would think a couple of wins to start the season would, you know, be something to celebrate. But not if you read the Toronto newspapers. Yes, I get it, you newspaper guys think we are going to lose 120 games this year but maybe, enjoy a win. I know it's tough to pull away from the JP bashing but two wins is good, enjoy them.

For example, Jeff Blair in the Globe,  is talking about how a win in a game that Doc doesn't start will be a rare thing. This is the bit that caught my attention though:

But it's more complicated than that, because Romero is on a 175- to 180-inning limit this season. Purcey's at 200 — maybe — while minor-league prospects Brad Mills and Brett Cecil are at 175 and 145-150, respectively. The Blue Jays are being conservative with Janssen: They have him down for 125 innings, maximum.

You think 200 innings is a limit for Purcey? Yeah right, we are going to have to sit him for the second half of the season because he's already thrown 200 inning. Yep. Jeff you do realize that only 15 pitchers threw 200 innings in the AL last year right? I mean I'm hoping for good things from Purcey but I'm thinking 170-180 innings tops.  You figure Romero is going have to be held back from pitching more than 180 innings? You find me anyone that thinks he might get 150 innings this year. Same for Mills and Cecil, if Cecil gets up to 175 innings this year it will be a heck of a surprise. Oh well.

Over in the Star, Richard Griffin is telling us not to get too excited about a couple of wins as well. Instead of talking about how well Purcey pitched last night he spends 300 words on the bad throw on the intentional walk, tell us:

last night's 5-4 walk-off victory over the same Tigers featured an example of the ridiculous that might be expected when Doc's not on the hill.

No Richard, it was a mistake....we don't have to 'expect' that sort of thing whenever Doc isn't on the hill. Hate to tell you this, Richard, but Sainted Doc has made the odd mistake in his career too. Also from Griffin...

For seven innings it had been a losing effort, a dose of what fans should expect on those nights when Doc isn't on the hill.

So with Doc pitching we should expect the team to score lots of runs but when he isn't out there we should expect us to get just 1 hit in 7 innings. Not only is Doc a great pitcher, he can will his team into scoring. Hey Richard, did you notice that Purcey gave up fewer runs than Halladay did the night before? Or would it destroy your world view to give credit to someone that JP drafted?

Yesterday at the Tao of Stieb (an excellent, interesting blog, that just about always says things I wish I had said first) talked about something I had been avoiding like the plague since opening day, the idiocy of people throwing baseballs and other thing at players.

There's nothing wrong with enthusiasm, and there's nothing wrong with having a bit of drunken debaucherous superfan fun at the game. But there is one - AND ONLY ONE - legitimate reason to throw something on the field at a baseball game, and there is only one reason to cheer on someone who throws shit on the field at a baseball game.

If the other team hits a home run and you catch or pick up the ball after it has ricocheted off of someone's melon, then - AND ONLY THEN - can you take the home run ball and toss it back on the field of play.

I agree with it all, but the problem is, you are preaching to the choir. Let's face it guys, your readers, our readers, they aren't the mush for brains that are throwing things at players. Those guys don't read your blog, don't read our blog, they aren't baseball fans. They go there to get drunk on over priced beer (something I've never understood, I can't afford to get drunk on $7 plus beers and I'm a light-weight) and to make an ass of themselves. They don't read us because likely they can't read and they don't care about baseball.

The thing I would say though is, if you are at a game and you see one of these brain dead people throw something on the field, get an usher, point them out. Assault is assault even if it is attempted on people wearing the other team's uniform.

And over at MLB Trade Rumors, they mention that former Jay pitcher and Hugo's favorite cologne seller  Gustavo Chacin was released by the Washington Nationals. So what happens when you can't make the worst team in baseball's Triple-A rotation? Well the World Series champion Phillies sign you, of course.

Just a reminder, tonight's game is on Sportsnet, all across the country by the looks of things. Jesse Litsch starts for us and Zack Minor goes for the Tigers. Join us in the Game Thread today, we've had lots of fun and have had lots of new members join in. So if you have the game on anyway, nothing better than to watch it with friends.