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Tiger's Miguel Cabrera Beats Jays

Tigers 5 Jays 1

Can't win them all. Apparently. The game was basically the 1st inning, after two singles that barely missed gloves. One a pop up that Travis Snider just missed after laying all out for it. I really thought it was Vernon's ball but he didn't go for it. The next batter, Magglio Ordonez bounced one up the middle that Litsch just missed. Then Miguel Cabrera crushed a homer.

In the Jays half of the 1st, Scoot doubled, Hill doubled, Rios singled, Wells walked. Bases loaded, none out and 1 in, things looked good. But Lind was too aggressive and swing at the 1st pitch, it was off the outside of the plate and Tigers got the force at home. Rolen flied out to shallow right, Rios tried to tag up and score but was thrown out easy. And that, basically, was the game. We should have come back that inning. After that Zack Miner shut us down for 5.2 innings and we couldn't get a hit off the Tigers crappy bullpen for 3.1.

Litsch looked good at times but gave up 3 homers in 6 innings, 2 of them to Cabrera, for 5 runs total, with 5 strikeouts. Frasor pitched two good innings and Tallet pitched a good 9th striking out 2. Offensively we did little. Scoot had 2 hits, Hill, Rios, Wells and Rolen each had one. 0fers go to Lind, Overbay, Barajas and Snider. Snider looked over matched much of the game.

We did have 1 other chance to get into the game, when we had 2 on in the 6th with 2 outs. But the Tigers brought in lefty Bobby Seay to pitch to Lyle Overbay. Cito did his usual statue imatation and left Lyle in to strikeout. Those of us in the Game Thread figured it would have been a good moment to get Kevin Millar or Jose Bautista into a game.

No Jays of the Day today. Suckage Jays were Lind (-.214 WPA) and Litsch (-.203).

Tomorrow's Jays/Tigers game has an early start, 12:30 Eastern. Ricky Romero gets his first career start for the Jays while Rick Porcello gets his first career start for the Tigers. Should be interesting. Unfortunately, the game doesn't look to be on TV and since blacks out all Jays games in Canada I guess we won't get a chance to watch.