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Game 4 Thread Tigers at Jays

It's an early start today, 12:30 Eastern. Ricky Romero and Rick Porcello are both making their first major league starts. Porcello pitched in A-ball all last year and is only 20, so he's making a big jump. is saying that it is the first time in major league history that 2 first round draft picks make their major league debut against each other, which seems a pretty obscure thing to know but ok.

Mixed in with the fast start most of our batters are getting off to, there are a couple of guys who are starting slowly. Lyle Overbay is 1 for 12 and Rod Barajas is 1 for 10. Michael Barrett is to start behind the plate today but I wonder how long Overbay will be run out there before Cito tires of him. Travis Snider has just 2 hits but one is a homer and the other is a double.

I'm trying not to take too much joy out of the Yankees losing their first two games, but it is tough not to. CC Sabathia got hit hard in their first game and Chien-Ming Wang got thumped yesterday. Today AJ starts for them, hoping to stop them from being swept by the Orioles. Now I'm not going to wish anything bad on AJ, like say wishing that his right arm falls right off his shoulder or anything like that, cause that would be wrong. But if the Orioles were to score 20 runs or so in the first inning, I would take it as a sign of the existence of God.

Anyway the Jay isn't on TV for us, so I won't get to watch Romero's first start and I'm out this morning so I'll miss out on the first inning or so, but if you are around, join in the Game Thread.