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The Jays have sent David Purcey down to Triple A Vegas and have called up Robert Ray, Brett Cecil and Brian Wolfe. Not sure who will start which game. Ray's last start was Tuesday and Cecil's last start was Thursday, so I'd imagine Ray will take Purcey's  planned Saturday start and Cecil might go Tuesday.  I'm really not understanding way we couldn't have called up Cecil last week instead of Brian Burres. You are telling me that last week Cecil wasn't ready to come up to the Jays but this week he is?

Anyway Cecil hasn't been tearing it up in Vegas, he is 0-3, with a 8.31 ERA. His last start was his best, 6 innings, 4 hits, just 1 walk and 5 strikeouts. Ray has had just one start in Triple A and pitched 4.1 shutout innings. Wolfe has a 3.46 ERA in 9 relief appearances. I'd imagine Wolfe will be the long man in the pen.

Honest I didn't think Ray was on the radar to get called up now and I figured Purcey would get a couple more chances. But it should make this week interesting.