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I'll Take Your Words As If You Were Talking to Me / Say What I Know You'll Say and Say It Through Your Teeth

Hope everyone is enjoying their offday!  With so many new faces on the site, I thought it'd be worth going over some of the rules for commenting.  Really, though, there's just one rule, and a few guidelines.  Still:

  • Most importantly, and the rule to live by, this blog is our living room.  Make yourself nice and comfortable, but don't say anything you wouldn't say in your/our living room.  We want a fun and lively dialogue and of course if you're at all clever you should be disagreeing with us at least about 75% of the time and not being quiet about it.  But folks should also feel comfortable in posting that they're not going to get slammed. 
  • No ad hominem attacks on other posters.  Critique the argument, don't attack the one who posted it, and don't name call or insult other posters.  Basically, don't say anything to another poster that you wouldn't say to a much bigger and stronger fan watching the game on a bar stool next to you. 
  • Profanity in a game thread is ok, when the circumstances warrant, but make it about the situation and not about the individual player.  E.g. Saying what Vernon yells when he pops one up with the bases loaded is fine, but calling him that isn't.  Oh, and if you can, don't use profanity in the titles of your fan posts, but if you gotta, you gotta. 
  • The above rule doesn't apply to Roger Clemens
  • ABSOLUTELY no derogatory references to race, nationality, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.  Take it elsewhere.
  • You can call the Jays' players insults if you want, within reason, but be warned that we think it is ridiculously juvenile and stupid, so be prepared to be called out on it by other posters.
  • Post as if your mom was reading, because mine is.

We haven't had hardly any issues with commenters, which reflects how intelligent, thoughtful, reasonable, and generally awesome Bluebird Banter posters are.  When there is a problem, we'll generally issue a yellow card first, but we reserve the right to go straight red for egregious violations.  And if you are new, introduce yourself and read about our other members here.

Today's title, which felt right, comes from Jimmy Eat World's song Clarity off the great record of the same name.  Not so much since then, but that was a great album.