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Apparently There is a Baseball Game Tonight

An amazing thing has happened, the Toronto newspapers have noticed that there is baseball being played tonight. Richard Griffin in the Star talks about it (is it just me or is Richard making more sense lately? Nice job Richard) and Mark Zwolinski, also in the Star talks about it. In the Globe and MaiJeff Blair and James Christie also talk about it. Just a quick comment on Christie's story:

Injured Jays pitchers Casey Janssen and Ricky Romero are throwing rehabilitation games in the minors this week...

Doesn't that word rehabilitation seem strange to you? Yeah I know it's the word that rehab is short for but just seems strange. Yeah it's just me right, ok.

In the Toronto Sun....well there is two lines "Rios Wants Noise". The way he's been swinging the bat this early season, maybe he should be careful in what he wishes for.

Jamie Sandler in the National Post compares tonight's match up to "Darth Vader facing Obi-Wan Kenobi". He also says:

(AJ), who said he declined a dinner invitation from Halladay and Blue Jays centre-fielder Vernon Wells for yesterday's off-day, said watching his former teammate's preparation made him aware of what he needed to do to get better.

Nice of the guys to offer to take him out, though maybe with the huge contract AJ signed, they would have expected him to pick up the cheque.

So I guess the game is a big deal tonight, who'd have thought it? Should the unthinkable happen and Doc should los  not win, I don' t think we need to throw ourselves off buildings or jump off the Jays bandwagon or anything like that. But guys, if you ever wanted to break the record for runs scored in a game, tonight would be a good night.

Anyway, lets have a contest, predict the final score of tonight's game in the comments section below. Closest to wins....well I haven't figured that out yet. But we'll come up with something.

There was one other story in the papers today, apparently Hugo's favorite pitcher was interviewed on ESPN's Mike and Mike in the Morning. And guess what? He said he didn't take steroids. Well actually no that's not quite what he said:

 Roger Clemens broke his silence Tuesday, again denying that former personal trainer Brian McNamee injected him with performance-enhancing drugs in his first public comments in more than a year.

Subtle distinction there, he doesn't say he didn't take steroids, he said McNamee didn't inject steroids into him. He also said:

Clemens said Tuesday it would have been "suicidal" for him to use steroids because of a history of heart problems in his family. He also repeated his much-lampooned use of the word "misremembers" about friend and former teammate Andy Pettitte's statement that Clemens told him he used HGH.

Ummmm sure ok, you convinced me Roger. Again not quiet saying he didn't take steroids, more that he would be really, really stupid to take them. Raise your hands those of you that think Roger Clemens is really, really stupid. Yep, it is unanimous.

I'm sad to say I'm going to miss much of the game tonight, my son is playing soccer and since I'm coach I ought to be there, though it looks pretty dark out there at the moment, you think hoping for rain would be a bad thing?  Just a little flooding? Well I'll be recording the game anyway.

Weather update in Calgary: hailing like you wouldn't believe....somebody wants me to watch the game tonight.