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CBC Is Looking for Baseball Fans

Got a note from Jeff Perrin, Audience Coordinator for The Hour with George (oh I'm never going to get the spelling right) Strombleoffuous  Stroumboulopoulos (looked it up) , telling me that they have a 'last minute' interview with Johnny Damon planned for tomorrow and are looking for 100 'real baseball enthusiasts' to fill the audience. 

Taping is tomorrow at 2:00, audience members would have to arrive at the CBC building in downtown Toronto at 1:15. Have to be over 18 but the tickets are free,to reserve, visit: and fill out the request form. CBC address is CBC Building - 25 John Street.

Yeah is really short notice, but could be fun, It is a good show, Stroumboulopoulos (why don't they change their names anymore?) does a good interview. Could be fun if you are in Toronto. Maybe he'll ask Johnny how come he struck out 5 times against Doc tonight?