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Doc Beats Burnett and Yankees

Yankees 1 Jays 5

Well that was darn near exactly what I wanted to see. Darn near. I think AJ's arm is still attached to his body but other than that, it was just great. Both Doc and AJ pitched well, Doc just pitched better. Much better. Doc had a complete game 5 hitter, on just 103 pitches. He got 16 ground outs to 5 fly outs as well as 5 k's. He did allow 1 run and he was helped out by some terrific defense.

I know Snider isn't much of an outfielder but he made a heck of a play on a single that Johnny Damon hit in the 1st inning, Damon tryed to stretch it into a double but Snider made a perfect throw and Damon was out at second.

Offensively we didn't do a lot but we did enough. 8 hits, 4 walks. Stars were Scott Rolen with 3 hits, a double and 3 RBI, Aaron Hill had 2 hits, with a homer and Alex Rios had a hit, a walk and 2 runs.Jamie Campbell made a big deal about how Rolen was 0-18 against AJ before getting his first hit tonight but it must have been a few years since they last faced each other, they are both different players now and really 0-18 is very small sample size.

Jays of the Day are Doc (.405 WPA), Rolen (.191) and Lind (.094). Honorable mention to Snider for that throw, Hill for the homer and Rios. No Suckage Jays, though Overbay came close at -.089.

I don't think I ever have wanted a win so much. I'm not really sure why, I really don't hold any special grudge to AJ, who of us wouldn't have jumped ship for that much money. But man I wanted Doc to get that win and he did and he was just amazing. He faced the minimum until the 7th inning. He really is the best in baseball, he's now 7-1!

Winner of the closest to the final score is Brouhaha, he guessed 4-1 so he was only off by 1 run, sorry I don't have a prize for you.

In other Jays new...BJ Ryan is almost ready to return but not as closer apparently. And Casey Janssen pitched 6 strong innings tonight in New Hampshire for the Double-A Fisher Cats (and people think the Edmonton Cracker Cats is a dumb name) (yeah they are right too). He gave up 4 hits and struck out 5. I think we'll be seeing him soon too.

Best news? Jays are 23-12 and in 1st place, 1.5 games up on the Red Sox pending their game with the Angels tonight. Go Weaver. And the Yankees, they are 6.5 back. Oh and other good news, there was a great crowd in Toronto, 43,737 strong and loud. Hope it carries over.